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Ant <ant(a)zimage.comANT> writes:
>I just rebooted my old Debian box to start using its new Kernel 2.6.32
>from 2.6.30, but I noticed two broken issues so far:
>1. Sensors no longer show other kinds of information/data like voltages:

In my experience lm-sensors stuff usually breaks when switching to a
new kernel. I then have to check and change various sensor-related
configuration files.

>2. I can't seem to compile the latest stable NVIDIA driver after
>upgrading to Kernel 2.6.32 in my old Debian box with a GeForce 8800 GT
>video card (512 MB of RAM). What am I missing?

Isn't that the expected behaviour from proprietary drivers? Isn't
there a Debian package for the proprietary Nvidia driver? Have you
tried that?

Followups set to alt.os.linux.debian.

- anton
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