From: Aurelius on
Check both your internal and external URLs for the Exchange Web Services and
the uri of autodiscover. Are only external users prompted for credentials or
all of them? Do they connect via Rpc/https internally?

Are you using the self-signed cert, a SAN cert or a wildcard cert? Which
services are assigned to it? Only IIS?

"xNEWTEKx" wrote:

> I have an issue that users are prompted for their credentials when I create a
> new-certificate command in powershell and I than enable-exchangecertificate
> for IIS.
> Anyone that is an administrator of Exchange Server in computer management
> get the Out of Office working find and when they do a test Outlook they get
> response successful. All other users continue to display credential prompt.
> If they type in their information it fails it seems since it continues to
> prompt. If i type in a users credentials that had administrator rights it
> works. I have checked all IIS settings and they are configured correctly. I
> am wondering if someone had an ideas of what can be occuring. I would
> appreciate any help that can be provided.