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What happens when you try to open your online site in FP using
File Opens Site and enter you Domain URL?
- or use the Remote Site View and enter your Domain there


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"jim evans" <jimsTAKEOUTnews2(a)> wrote in message news:ro89t5169a913brcla3rn7hkcrfq7var7m(a)
I use the mode where I edit on my computer and then upload when I'm
through editing. For years when I click Publish, a box pops up with
the username and password for my website/webhost filled in and I just
click OK and it connects.

Now the box pops up but the blanks for username and password are
empty, and when I fill them in and click OK it returns to the box with
the empty blanks. It never connects and doesn't see to even try to
connect. So, I can't use FrontPage to upload my webpages.

Anybody know how to fix this?