From: "Bruce Martin" on
Dear [discuss] members:

On the [users] email list, there has been a bit of conversation in regards
to thread appropriateness related to promoting Oo.

While it is not my intention to cross-post the details here, at the same
time I would like to refer [discuss] members to look for it in that list,
and provide feedback, for the moment in that list.

The Subject line to search is:

Re: Users and promoters in regards to marketing Oo.

I am sure there are those here who have been around a lot longer than I who
can provide more experienced feedback as to how this contextually diverse
and hierarchal gamut of topics should best be handled.

Perhaps some of them might take a peek out of the woodwork to enlighten,
based on my posing in the [users] list?

Many thanks,

Bruce Martin

Quebec, Canada