From: Shenan Stanley on
Rick Merrill wrote:
> Is the sub-directory Users50 still used by SeaMonkey 2.0?
> Can I toss it?

Welcome to the microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics newsgroup. Here questions
surrounding the "basic" usage of the "Microsoft" "Windows XP" operating
system are asked/answered by the "public" at large. Your query seems to be
surrounding the product "SeaMonkey", a Mozilla (not Microsoft) project which
seems to be currently at v2.0.2 (are you?)

I would suggest that for your benefit, you post your query in the proper
area, specifically the community that is setup for the support of this

They have an extensive network, it seems, of support options for you to
choose from and I am sure they would better be able to serve your needs
(given it is their ongoing project) than most here - not to mention others
who might have the same questions as you may more readily find your question
and hopefully resolution there (at the project web
site/newsgroup/weblog/forums (than here - a Microsoft Windows XP Basic
support newsgroup.) Heck - other than the assumption you posted here
because you have Windows XP, there's not much connecting you to this
newsgroup. ;-)

Shenan Stanley
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