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Quoth Shmuel (Seymour J.) Metz <spamtrap(a)>:
> In <eqbKn.154656$pj7.8679(a)>, on 05/23/2010
> at 03:00 PM, James Egan <jegan473(a)> said:
> >It's part of the perl distribution, and is actually a symlink to
> >prename:
> It's a Perl built-in function in, listed in perlfunc. I can't

The built-in is not in, it's in the core (you can refer to it
as CORE::rename, if you must). has a function

sub rename {
usage "rename(oldfilename, newfilename)" if @_ != 2;
CORE::rename($_[0], $_[1]);

presumably so that C programmers can just assume all the C functions are
in POSIX, without reading the docs.

> find a prename anywhere in the documentation, although it is defined
> in iperlsys.h.

The rename in question was a script shipped with 5005. It has since been
removed, but Debian have kept it on, while (for some reason) renaming it
to prename(1).