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Hi All,

I have setup a Windows 2008 RS test Domain with 2 client Windows 7 PC's. The
problem I am having is with IIS (Version 7.5.7600.16385). What is happening
is that I can not access any IIS web applications from within Visual Studio
2008 or 2010 from the remote Client PC's. I can view the IIS websites from
the remote client PC's, but when I try to access the websites from within
Visual Studio I get the "FrontPage Server Extension" not installed error
message. I know FrontPage Server Extensions are not valid for either Windows
2008 RS Servers or IIS 7.5 so I have activated and setup WebDev. I can map
an explorer view of the IIS websites from the remote Client PC's, but can
not edit the site from within Visual Studio.

Apart from activating and setting up WebDev is there something else I need
to install or setup. Can someone please give me a check list of things I
need to do to setup a secure IIS 7.5 server so users from within a network
with the correct credentials can edit specific websites.

Many thanks in advance