From: Tom on
Hello All,

I have a desktop application in Visual Studio 2005 that needs to
submit data to an external website ( where I
would like to set the submittal values under my program control and need a
little help.

I can easily set the values for the email address and the antenna height as
these are just text boxes via webbrowser1.document.all.item(item for
email).innertext = "tom@..."

I am having problems with the File Browse setting the file name - where do I
set my filename string. Innertext does not work. If I copy and paste from a
vb textbox on the form into the filename then things work fine. The
OuterHtml value reflects the filename in the name= field but I cannot change
this under program control.

Also, on the antenna type, how do I programmatically change between the
various options available?

Thanks in Advance