From: antihacker101 on
this is a longshot answer. it follows the pattern i seen of interception
starting with a chip exploit used to create a backdoor. this worm started
with my htc smartphone. i g et injected radio packets of type dual band
that are affecting everyone contacted.
i found this artical that perfectly explains what i been going through since
aug 2008 to now..

in this last week, the hackers altered yet again another driver resulting in
another reboot loop. this time it was an audio driver saying Volmgrx.sys
drver unloaded without canceling operations. i had to f ormat both machines.
this wasnt due to an update.

a lot of myfriends have the same issue where things would disapear of not
appear at all. it is cause this hacker altered DNS. i wonder if you here
any strange sounds during conversations or others complain of the
conforsation going blank constantly. if so, thats the injections.

this may or may not be it. but its been my experience...