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>> On Sun, 4 Apr 2010 17:45:34 -0400, "Kabuki" <masqued(a)> wrote:
>> Problem is non-existent, Kabuki.
>> I am using a grabber program by the name 'Snagit'
>> and it is only jpg's been made with Snagit that Vista
>> does not show. My camera photos are normally viewable.
>> Wonder what is the difference? There are obvious a difference
>> between the jpgs & jpgs.
>---there is a jpg called jpg2000? and yes it's different format
>----are you sure the snagit's are jpg? most screenshot grabs are bmp
>----is there a way to check your file associations in VISTA?
>---in Xp you right click and say open with... check box to say use this
>every time
>assoc with win/pic/fax viewer?
>---I used to have a thumbnail program freebie called THUMBS PLUS
>---do you have IRfan view or GIMP installed?
>---------have you tried opening same images in PS or other program? does it

Here is a perfect example, Kabuki. You'll remember I said most of it
are captures made of text in correspondence which I save as jpg's
on my PC. This was (one of) the reason(s) for buying the notebook
and I was to much in a hurry saying it can open no jpeg.
After posting my letter I found it to have no problem with my photos.
Explanation (and excuse) therefore is that I was busy setting up the
norebook:-) I don't have any problems with it, because I can simply
recapture it. Anyway, here it is:-)