From: doxideb on
Finally back after fire delays, etc.

I have tried several times to do the 'run' and 'cmd' as outlined by you and
is also displayed here:

I've reached the point where, as he says, the instructions are misleading
because I cannot add the program... nor do I know which program to add.

When I open the 'cmd' box, the info is already there to direct the path to
documents & settings. If I type in 'e:' as instructed, I'm told that is an
invalid command, as with every other entry I've tried. I took a screenshot
but how do I display it for you to see?

I keep coming back to the point where I feel I need the XP installation CD,
however I didn't receive one since XP was preloaded in my laptop. I thought I
had a brilliant idea by running my Office 2007 Home & Student in 'repair'
mode... it took about an hour but gave no indication as to what it repaired ~
all I know is that I still do not have the icon in my tray!

I can get volume by accessing the 'sounds & devices' and un-muting it, but
that's not the point of all of this. The point is that it worked as desired
up to a certain point, then stopped and disappeared.

Thank you again for your time & patience.

"doxideb" wrote:

> I've lost my volume icon and when I try to re-install it, I get a
> notification that I need to go into my Control Panel, then Audio/Sound
> (whatever it's called!) which I've done several times. When I un-click the
> mute feature, a red button alert comes up telling me I need to go to Volume
> Control... can't find that anywhere so I'm wondering if I deleted something
> in my other fiasco (See "I want my MSN butterfly back").
> To MIKE HALL: Bravo! I have my butterfly back thanks to your great
> direction! For some reason, it didn't happen exactly as you said it should...
> probably because of the nut behind the wheel (e.g. me!) but it was close
> enough that I was to go to Add & Remove Programs, and run the Microsoft
> 'install updates' option. (I did not have MSN Explorer in my lists of
> programs, hence the problem... I'm sure I did something yet again that was
> foolish & best left alone!) Thank you very, very much!
> Debbie