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>> | My company has just been hit with what seems to be a massive
>> infection
>> | of a new variant of the W32.wecorl.a virus. It has spread and
>> infected
>> | a large number of systems in our HQ office and for our remote users.

>> | Users boot up and log in then they get a notice from McAfee that an
>> | infection was detected and the system shuts down and reboots.

>> | Systems are primarily WinXP with up-to-date patches and running
>> McAfee
>> | VirusScan Enterprise with updated Defs (at least to yesterday)

>> | Is anyone else dealing with this? Any ideas on effective widespread
>> | removal techniques?

>> McAfee f**ked this one up !

>> The 5959 dat files have been released early due to a DAT Issue
>> Emergency with the 5958 DAT
>> Files.

>> The reason for this DAT Issue Emergency is a 'W32/Wecorl.a' False
>> Positive in 5958 DAT.

>> The various 5959 dat file packages can be found at



| Yet another DoS made possible by security software. :o)

Bwahahahahahahahahahaha :-)

Multi-AV -

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Reminds me something that happened back in floppies days. McAfee was
giving a false positive on an install disk (and yes, it was a false
positive) and when I went on vacation a field engineer came in to do
maintenance work, put the floppy in, got the virus warning and
promptly wiped out the hard drive (as the corporate office told him to
do). I had all the files backed up, so I just had to install a
few programs and copy the files back. Still a brain dead anti-
virus + brain dead F.E. = not a good thing.

On a side note, no idea if the work place started rolling out McAfee
yet. Still have Trend on the computers by me.