From: David H. Lipman on
From: "Rudy" <NoSpam(a)>

| Tonite, I Contracted 39 versions of what SuperAntiSpyware calls:

| ROGUE.AGENT/GEN in my Registry

Multi-AV -

From: Rudy on

>> Under LAN Settings, somehow the USE PROXY SERVER box had become
>> "Checked"
>> I "unchecked" that box and IE8 seems to be connecting fine now.
> That's great news!

I don't "think" there are any problems now.
>> How about the fact that SYSTEM RESTORE wouldn't work (trying 4 different
>> "dates") last night ? SR won't get you around malware; you would think it
>> would go back to a
> good registry, but the malware is too smart for that easy cure. The
> restore points are probably all bad now.

I assumed that as well. After 2 days of several SAFE MODE runs of SAS,
MalwareBytes, AVG and WINASO Reg Cleaner, my system seems to come up CLEAN,

Following advice that said to shut down SYS RES, prior to the SAFEMODE runs,
I did that and when clicking APPLY, I was told that would dump ALL the OLD
SYSREST points. Since they didnt seem to work anyway, I let er rip and
dumped them all. After the 3 (X3)CLEAN scans in SAFEMODE, I set a NEW
System Restore point and all seems well so far for the last 2 days.

THX for all your help