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what you can try is to
boot up with a winxp
cd so that you can load
up the recovery console.

then at the disk system
prompt run the following

chkdsk /p

the exit, remove cd and
try to boot normally.

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"jkadtke" <jkadtke(a)> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I have recently had a major system crash of my Windows XP on my
> Sony Vaio laptop. It is looking like I may have to re-install the whole
> system from my original Sony system CDs. The problem is that
> these disks are pretty old ( 2001 ). So my questions is: once
> installed, can the online Windows automatic update service smoothly
> and consistently bring the system up to date ( e.g. install service
> pack 2, SP 3, etc. in proper order ) or is this just too much to
> ask starting from such an old version ?
> thanks, Jim

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