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No, MsgWaitForMultipleObjects is *not* the same as WaitForSingleObject, not by a long
shot. It allows concurrent operations such as message dispatching. Generally, I don't
consider using MsgWaitForMultipleObjects a reasonable solution; I just return to the main
message pump, which gives me the same thing with less complexity.

But the number of times I see this with WaitForSingleObject is astonishing. And with the
blocked WaitFor, there is no way to abort it, which is another of the many reasons for
using a thread.

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>"Joseph M. Newcomer" <newcomer(a)> wrote in message
>> Anything of the form
>> start thread...
>> wait for thread to finish...
>> is silly. You have created a very expensive and complex subroutine call!
>> You can be
>> reasonably certain that if all you do is launch a single thread and wait
>> for it
>> immediately that you have made a serious design error.
>I have done this - start a thread and use MsgWaitForMultipleObjects() to
>wait for it to finish, while also getting messages that the user has clicked
>the Close button to exit the app. When such a message is received, I can
>signal the thread to terminate or terminate it forcefully in the worst case.
>So yes, it is an expensive subroutine call but one that is abortable. Is
>there a more efficient design pattern for an abortable subroutine call?
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