From: Ashley Frank on
Uploading web.config files with system.codedom providerOption, necissary for
compiling as v3.5, using webdav does not work probably because of validation
webdav is doing on the server against the schema. It does not recognize the
providerOption element.

This section is absolutely necissary and I need it on one site, not all of
them. I am looking for any workaround. I have tried editing FX_Schema.xml,
using , editing applicationHost.config and putting it in a location section.
None of this works. configSource target still gets validated and failed. The
other workarounds fail to compile when 3.5 syntax is found. Maybe someone has
an FX_Schema.xml that defines it properly...would that work?

Does this mean we cannot develop 3.5 websites and use webdav to
publish them?
Ashley Frank