From: Zolfia on
Hi to all,
I'm working on a WCE device with CF 3.5 installed. I'm developing my
application with Visual Studio 2005, CF 2.0.
I need to read a WebStream but also to check if a "no data" timeout
occurred. What happens is that the WebRequest.ReadWriteTimeout doesn't
works well. I installed CF2.0 on my device (together with CF 3.5!)and
now it works. Why?

Another test I made was to develop the same application with
VisualStudio 2008, CF 3.5. But in this case with or without CF2.0 the
ReadWriteTimeout doesn't work.

My problem is that we can't recall devices to client to install CF 2.0
together CF 3.5. And the question is: CF 3.5 doesn't contains all
features of CF 2.0? And why with Vs2008, CF 3.5 the
WebRequest.ReadWriteTimeout doesn't work?

Thanks in advance,

Zolfia Fazio

HttpWebResponse WebStreamResp =null;
int read,total,readSize;
byte [] buffer=new byte[2048];

WebRequest WebStreamReq = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(source);
WebStreamReq.ReadWriteTimeout = 10000;


using (WebStreamResp = WebStreamReq.GetResponse())
System.IO.Stream stream = WebStreamResp.GetResponseStream();

if ((read = stream.Read(buffer, total, readSize)) == 0)
ApplException = new ApplicationException();
if (stream != null)
return false;