From: Paul on
During the install of VMware Server 2, I ticked the box to
automatically startup and shutdown the virtual machines with the host
OS. To do this, VMware replaced MSGINA.DLL with VMGINA.DLL in the
registry because it needs to control the login screen. It also
installed Client Services for Netware on all network controllers.
Presumably, it needs this as well.

Unfortunately, I _really_ need Fast User Switching enabled on the
Windows host. BTW, it's Windows XP Pro.
I've followed the instructions as per MS KB302346 to restore the
Welcome screen, but it didn't work. After removing VMGINA.DLL from the
registry key, I clicked on the option 'change the way users log on or
off' under User Accounts. It then displayed an error message stating
that I had uninstall "Client Services for Netware". So, I uninstalled
"Client Services for Netware", then rebooted the machine. When it came
up, it displayed the error message, "Cannot load the login DLL".

If anyone can help, it'd be very much appreciated.