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As of May 10th, NAV 2002 (and also NAV 2003 I think) can no longer be
updated with new virus definition files; the problem is related to the ever
increasing size of the files, and effectively means the end of usefulness of
NAV 2002.
More info on the Symantec NAV forum.


<letterman(a)> wrote in message
>I run Windows98SE. I'm tired of all these free AV programs that no
> longer support Win98se. I was running AVG until it just puked out and
> would not get updates, and said something about no longer supporting
> 98. I've decided to just buy a used copy of Norton AV on Amazon or
> some other place. What is the last version that supports Win98se?
> I'm sure their newest ones dont.
> Someone said they have Norton AV 5 and would sell it cheap, but they
> said they think thats for Win95? When I looked on some website it
> listed them by year from 2002 to 2008 or something like that. Unless
> version 5 is from 2005????
> Anyone know?
> And if I was to buy one of these older ones, does NAV still furnish
> the definition files?
> Dont waste your time to tell me to upgrade to XP, I'm perfectly happy
> with Win98. It's just some of the support for software that sucks
> these days.
> Thanks
> LM