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> (Here we see Raid/Dustin Cook's extravagant ego running
> amuck as he heaps scorn on Norton and other AV outfits as
> the battle his Irok virus. He is so above them. So much

Various AV companies when Irok was new wrongly claimed it would erase the
contents of your hard disk; That was proven to be false. Instead, it
renamed all files/folders in root of drive C: to high ascii characters.
Which is incidently, an old copy protection trick.

Nothing to do with ego loser, just stating the facts of the case.

If intelligence=ego, I'm all for it. Better to have an ego than be like

> more intelligent. Not! He is a failure at trying to
> commercialize every program he has written. He hates the AV

I have never written commercial software, so it would be very difficult
to fail at it.

> companies because they make money, while he scrapes by, his
> genius ignored. Raid/Dustin Cook is a loser in every facet
> of life. A script kiddie with a monstrous ego totally out
> of proportion to his accomplishments.)

I dislike some Av companies because they don't tell the truth in all
cases, much like yourself. As far as script kiddy goes, if that was true,
why do you have to protect yourself from me?

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