From: Diane on
Thank you very much for your help, Desk Rabbit. I may be out of my depth, as
you put it. Yes I do know I will lose all data, and thats what I want. What I
wanted to save, has been saved else where. Like on MSN, and Yahoo. Since that
save is on their servers, I think. If not, no big deal. Only thing I still
want to save, which I will have to get hold of MSN, is my favorites. But
again, thank you for your help.

"Desk Rabbit" wrote:

> On 07/04/2010 03:31, Diane wrote:
> > Thank you so much Peter Foldes, LVTravel, db, Ken Blake, MVP and Anna for
> > answering me. So I will answer your question.
> > Peter Folders: Sorry, I don't have a XP SP2 disk. It was a friends disk that
> > he used on this computer.
> > LVTravel: I have read Peter suggestion and wish I could do it. But I don't
> > have a disk with SP2 on it. It was a friends. Yes, I do know Dell Dimension
> > 8100 had WinMe on it. In fact I held the record for reinstalling it. When
> > Dell helped me thru debug they said nothing about adding Dell things back on
> > the computer. As far as booting from XP Home Disk (this is "not" from Dell,
> > got it from Best Buy), I have tried, but still boots off of hard drive. I
> > think I am suppose to change something but don't remember what. Just looked
> > at it, and it says on the disk "upgrade". Thank you LVTravel, but the support
> > manual's is as clear as mud. Thats why I ask for "simple terms". Beginner
> > here, and still learning.
> > db: Splash screen setting???? What are those??? I am having enough trouble
> > finding these things call BIOS. Thank you, but I don't want WinMe back on
> > here. Would love to have my XP working again, with sound and etc.
> > Ken Blake MVP: Thank you, I really thought BIOS was part of Windows. Guess
> > my gray hair is showing. I will try your suggestion on the Del Key. Like I
> > said in first posting. After Dell screen come up, two little programs (?) are
> > on top right . I think first one says setting and I know the second say boot
> > setting. Where I am trying to get to is debug. I wrote down what Dell was
> > telling me to do in debug to remove WinMe. I assume it would also work to
> > remove XP.
> > Anna: Yes I know what "clean install" means. If I knew how to do it, I would
> > even do a low level format on the hard drive. What I read that formatting
> > doesn't really remove all of the data. Maybe I am still having some of WinMe
> > problems on the hard drive. No didn't purchase XP Home from Dell, got it from
> > Best Buy. Yes I am able to boot from the hard drive, in fact talking to you
> > on the Dell. So yes on the internet. Problems: No Sound. Java running time
> > won't load, yet Java say its loaded right. But the whole Java program isn't
> > in Add and Remove. Java won't run. Memory is forget full. Programs that were
> > load month ago are now being showed as "new". Program that were running
> > before, don't run on the internet. Yes I can use MSN mail. Anna what I would
> > like, is a clean install, from the ground up. Format, fdisk, etc. I hope this
> > answer all your question. All I really need to know is how can I get to debug
> > to start typing all the stuff in. Pretty Please
> > Thanks again all
> >
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> > "Anna" wrote:
> >
> >>
> >> "Diane"<Diane(a)> wrote in message
> >> news:3111F76C-2035-440C-86C5-24A381A46627(a)
> >>> I have read lots of answers for a clean install, but none of say how and
> >>> where are these "Bios" at. This is a Dell Dimension 8100. I have two
> >>> programs
> >>> (?) on start up. One is setting, and the other is boot setting. Is one of
> >>> these Bios. I am a beginner at this, and really need some help. But could
> >>> you
> >>> put it into simple terms, pretty please.
> >>> If you ask, why do I think I need a clean install, I will tell you. Did a
> >>> clean install years ago with the help of Dell. Computer came with WinMe on
> >>> it, and we had to do alot of re-installs on it. Finally give up on WinMe,
> >>> and
> >>> ask Dell to help me do a clean install for XP Home, which I bought. They
> >>> said
> >>> that they could only help me thru the debug and that it. Dell won't talk
> >>> to
> >>> me now. About a 2 years ago, the Dell clashed. A friend suggested that we
> >>> put in SP2 disk, which it putted back which it needed for run the
> >>> computer.
> >>> About four days ago, the computer can't run some of the programs that I
> >>> use
> >>> to. Including Java, which I need to play on POGO. Try uninstalling and
> >>> reinstalling four times. Computer won't run Java running time, and now I
> >>> notice a program thats been on the computer for over a month, is a new
> >>> program. I think I told you every thing you need to know.
> >>> So please, in simple terms. How do I get to bios to be able to run debug.
> >>> XP has all current updates including SP3
> >>> Thank you so much for your help.
> >>
> >>
> >> Diane:
> >> Forget, for a moment, about the BIOS and similarly forget, for a moment,
> >> about "debug", OK?
> >>
> >> When you mention a "clean install" (of the Windows XP operating system (OS))
> >> do you understand that a "clean install" generally means a "fresh install"
> >> of the OS? And if you fresh install the XP OS that means that *all* the data
> >> on your hard drive (HDD) disappears and is gone for good. So a fresh install
> >> means that *only* the OS is installed on the HDD.
> >>
> >> So is that what you really want - a fresh install of the OS? Or do you
> >> *really* mean you want a re:install of the OS so that all the present data
> >> on your HDD - all your programs& personal data - would be retained, but you
> >> would have a new install of the OS that is free from corruption, is bootable
> >> without any problem, and is perfectly functional?
> >>
> >> From what I can gather from your post, you were able to purchase (from Dell)
> >> a Windows XP OS installation CD (Home Ed.) some years ago. And you used that
> >> CD to originally install the XP OS onto your HDD? And eventually you
> >> installed SP2 onto your machine?
> >>
> >> Presumably the machine has been working just fine for the past few years and
> >> it's only been recently that you've experienced the problems you relate?
> >>
> >> As to the problem(s) you're experiencing at this time...
> >>
> >> Are you able to boot to your Desktop without any problem? No error messages
> >> of any kind? A normal bootup?
> >>
> >> Assuming no problem with the boot, could you describe *precisely* the
> >> problem(s) you're experiencing? Is it that you can access some programs/data
> >> but not other programs/data?
> >>
> >> Are you able to connect to the Internet and use your mail program with no
> >> problem?
> >>
> >> You've been able to post your message to this newsgroup using your Dimension
> >> 8100?
> >>
> >> Are you aware that pressing the F2 key during the initial stage of booting
> >> up your machine will access the BIOS? Is that *really* where you want to go?
> >>
> >> Anyway, if you decide to respond to this post please answer the above
> >> questions in some detail and as best you can. Please try to detail the
> >> precise nature of the problem(s) you're experiencing and what your specific
> >> objective(s) is/are, OK?
> >> Anna
> >>
> >>
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> You are so out of your depth. Take it to an expert before you wipe all
> your data and make the job take twice as long and cost four times as much.
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