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"diane" wrote:

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> > Hi there, I currently know of a few multi touch capable systems.
> >
> > HP Touchsmart TX2
> > Dell Tablet XT2
> > Dell Studio One Desktop
> >
> > Do all these systems support Windows 7 multitouch currently?
> I have the HP Touchsmart .. In fact I am using it right now. It is a
> beautiful
> Monitor but let me be perfectly honest .. BIG WASTE OF MONEY !!!
> I bought this more than 6 months ago and I swear, in the past 5 months I
> have
> NEVER touched the screen. I love touch games for example. I thought
> Mahjong
> etc would be awesome on this computer. Within the first 2 or 3 minutes your
> arm is
> so uncomfortable. I have NEVER used the pad for writing .. The screen is at
> an angle
> that it is almost impossible.
> When you are standing up with the monitor a foot or two from your finger and
> you touch
> it a couple of times, seems like a great idea .. get it home and you will be
> so disappoints.
> The only good thing is the space it saves with the hard drive in the
> monitor. I don't even
> want to think about what happens to my "stuff" if the monitor breaks and I
> am without my
> data while it is being repaired ..what if it has to be replaced ?? HP Going
> to just ditch my
> hard drive ??
> Diane

I have purchased the HP Tx2z-1300 (nov 09).
So far, is a super machine. more affordable than the 2730p,
and has internal CD/DVD.
I am still learning a few things about
which pieces of bloatware can be kicked or disabled.
The capacitive touch is working well under Win7 pro.
wish i'd ordered the 'erasing' model of pen but,
i've done that now.
This replaced an Acer tm-c301 tablet purchased in '03.
also a great machine.
Maxed out the ram and processor for work as network tech.
planning to install vm and win2008 on machine as well.
Did not buy for games but, google earth and MS Surface Globe
are easier with the multi-touch than with mouse.
my 2 cents.