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> On 08/07/2010 11:44 AM, giovanni_re wrote:

> I recently upgraded to the latest Kubuntu release. My 'old' setup was
> using wicd, and nw was *not* installed.
> After the upgrade, networking failed in odd ways. After some
> research,
> I found that the upgrade had installed network manager while leaving
> wicd in place.
> I removed nw and wicd now works as expected. I think nw would have
> worked 'as expected' had I removed wicd instead.
> I don't know if this is an issue for Debian or not, as I don't know
> how
> much of the Debian upgrade/installation configuration is kept 'as is'
> in
> Ubuntu/Kubuntu. And I have not done an upgrade of a wireless based
> Debian system.

I just saw this behavior Monday when I upgraded a Squeeze KDE based laptop that had wicd installed.

I did a full-upgrade and lost my wireless. I realized that network-manager and wicd were fighting over it, and uninstalled network-manager.

Aptitude complained about unresolved KDE dependencies (actually only a recommend, but I guess recommends are dependencies these days) but let me get rid of network-manager anyway.

After network-manager went away, wicd was happy and everything works as expected.

IMHO network-manager and wicd should be in a "wifi" section for debian alternatives. KDE works fine with wicd instead of network-manger, and so does Gnome as far as I can tell.


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