From: Cymbal Man Freq. on
I ran Process Monitor & it counts up like 100,000+ processes a minute so
it's impossible to scroll down to keep up with it. As soon as I left clicked
on My Computer (or My Documents or Control Panel) everything froze including
the Process Monitor. So I have to hard reboot. On reboot I brought up Task
Manager and whatever reading that first appears at it freezes at; it might
have no reading for RAM used & CPU used, or readings of 0 for both, or
normal readings that are insta-frozen. So I'm gonna use Task Manager to
determine if the machine is faulty instead of clicking on something I know
is gonna fault the machine so I can't log out to go to User 1.

I've deleted User 4 and created a new User with a different name but that
didn't help.

I can open programs like Irfanview & Roxio Home Creator in those Users
without crashing the machine. I've replaced explorer.exe with an identical
version from another machine (time stamp is 1 second different), but it
seems the explorer folder right next to explorer.exe in the Windows Folder
is the culprit; however running explorer.exe from Task Manager crashes the