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optrex;318165 Wrote:
> OK we got it fixed. The plug and play software emulator had was
> missing.
> Fixed by searching for machine.inf then copy to temp directory. remove
> at about line 20 " ExcludeFromSelect=* "
> goto control panel, add new hardware, next (let it seach), yes hardware
> is connected, next, scroll to bottom, add new hardware device, next,
> install from list, next, select system devices, next, select have disk,
> point to amended copy of machine.inf in temp directory, scroll to "plug
> and play software device emulator" in right hand column, next and
> complete install.

ok so ive done this once and it didn�t resolve my issue, im going to try
again to see if a second attempt will result in better luck....... its
not services.inf or whatnot sound card and drivers are current .....all
problems started after winwp update not sure which one sp2 or sp3 as I
completed all the updates in the same night, roommate never updated and
figured i was doing her a favor, ha so much for that!!!! comp runs great
but with out sound its just $h!t

will be back with results soon but i would also like to know what to do
with the file i create in temp ? why not just edit original file? not
going to try but worth a shot?

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