From: den on

> > When you're done, you're gonna do a backup (to another drive or maybe
> > DVD), right ?
> Norton Ghost.

When I get a new, or used computer, before lighting up the NIC.
1) I remove symantec, norton, or any other adware loaded bloatware.
2) then go through the registry, and remove all such references to
3) Install System Suite by Avantquest.
I have used it for several years, and am super pleased with it.
I am in no way involved with these people. It is just that i used to
bang my head against he wall, then zonealarm kicked my butt and that
was the end.
Several darned good idees above, reminds me as to why I bought a
burner, don't even know where that critter is. The USB floppy is
invaluable. I DEGRESS.
Good luck on your bit chasing It is fun until it beats you up! DVD
backup a capital idea.
Have a gooday