From: Bram Weiser on
Hello, and thank you for reading my post.

For some time now, I noticed that my PC's "click sound", which normally
appears while surfing in IE 6, wasn't working. I'd learned that I'd need to
visit the Start Navigation sound in Control Panel-->Sounds and Audio Devices,
and select Windows XP Start.wav...which I'd do, but it wouldn't stay in place
as soon as I clicked on "Apply".

Because of this issue, and others, too, I reinstalled a "clean" version of
Windows XP SP2, and then upgraded it (&, by extension, IE 6) to SP3, over the
past weekend, but, while that sound DOES now play, it still doesn't stay
permanently associated with the event as I'd need to re-associate it
sometimes (it seems) once or twice per session.

Why could this be happening, and what can I please do about it so that the
association stays in place?

I hope you'll please reply soon, and thank you very much again.

Bram Weiser