From: Joe on
I am using a function from active factory called wwWideHistory2( ). It is an
array formula that looks something like this: {=wwWideHistory2( ....)}. In
order for this function to work i have to have the active factory excel add
in installed. The function is working fine. The problem is that sometimes
when excel starts up (i'm using excel 2007 and the file is a 2003 file
format) the above mentioned function with get replaced with {='P:\Program
Files\Common Files\ArchestrA\HistClient.xla'!wwWideHistory2( ....)} because
i'm assuming it can't find the add in workbook. When the function looks like
this is doesn't work at all. So if i edit the cell and take out the
reference to the external file after excel is open, everything works fine

Is there any way to disable excel from making this external file reference
on its own or do i have a different problem that i need to address?