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>> > Posted in XP General but recommended I post in Hardware so here goes.
>> >
>> > Dell Dimension PC w/Win XP Pro - Started getting msg bout hard disk
>> > Failure on startup. Ran diagnostics and rec'd error code indicating
>> > drive
>> > was failing.
>> >
>> > Purchased and installed new WD Cav Blue drive. Drive has Zip Drive on
>> > same
>> > cable. Tried all kinds of combos. Removed zip, reset jumpers and still
>> > XP
>> > will not load. Initial blue screen comes up indicating set up is
>> > checking
>> > configuration then screen goes black and that's it.
>> >
>> > Thought it mite be cause new drive not partitioned so put drive in
>> > another
>> > PC w/same XP O/S cd and it installed and loaded w/o problem. Then put
>> > in
>> > original PC and no can read error comes up.
>> >
>> > Have talked w/WDC T/S and they say it not drive and I agree. I've
>> > changed
>> > cables tween HD and MB with no diff results.
>> >
>> > Two or three hairs short of hairless. Any help will be greatly
>> > appreciated.
>> >
>> > KenP

Assuming you haven't as yet resolved the problem you reported...

It would be helpful if you included a bit more detail re your system and the
problem(s) you're encountering...

1. Presumably the Windows XP Pro installation CD you're using is the same CD
you previously used to install the XP OS onto the HDD that became defective
(or at least was reported as "failing"), right? And the system
booted/functioned without any problems before that HDD was reported as
"failing", yes?

Just out of curiosity re the HDD you replaced...
The "diagnostics" you used which reported a failing hard disk were the Dell
diagnostics? Or did you use the HDD diagnostic utility provided by the
disk's manufacturer? Or some other third-party diagnostic program?

2. Can we assume you're working with one or more PATA hard drives, not SATA

3. What precisely do you mean when you say "XP will not load"? What exactly
happens when you attempt to boot from the XP OS installation CD? Are any of
the OS setup files installed before the BSOD displays or does the BSOD
*immediately* display after you "Press any key..." to boot from the CD? Or
are you able to get to the "Welcome to setup..." screen but when you press
the Enter key it's at that point that the BSOD comes up?

5. Your BIOS boot priority order indicates a first boot to a CD-ROM and not
to a HDD, right? You've checked to ensure this?

6. What do you mean when you say you "reset jumpers"? Assuming this is a
PATA HDD, is the disk jumpered as Master or Cable Select? Or assuming that
WD HDD is the only device connected on the IDE interface cable, is it
unjumpered - Single? In any event you're sure it's been correctly jumpered &
properly connected to both the data & power cables, right?

7. And, as you've indicated, you've disconnected the ZIP drive when you
attempted to install the XP OS, right? Presumably no other storage devices
are connected to the machine when you attempt to install the OS onto your
new WD HDD, right?