From: Matthias Spanier on

XP SP3 recently has been re-installed on a PC. After that, all available
Windows Updates have been downloaded and installed. But the KB974417
installation failed.

Searching that topic at Google, I found KB974417 to be in conflict with
I uninstalled KB976569, re-booted the PC, ran Windows Update, downloaded
KB974417 and installed it successfully, re-booted the PC, ran Windows
Update, downloaded KB976569 and installed it successfully.

Having installed KB974417 and KB976569, some issue however remains:
Windows Update still keeps offering KB974417 and KB976569.

Why please does Windows Update not recognize those successfully
installed KB974417 and KB976569 as completed, why please does Windows
Update keep offering these? How can that issue be resolved?

Thank you in advance.

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