From: Harlett O'Dowd on
This is more an NT4 domain question than an XP one, but perhaps some
folks here still remember their NT domain days - or know of other
groups where those old timers still reside:

Here's the issue:

I have a single network split between two buildings 3 miles apart -
and connected by a T1 line (very Mickey Mouse.)

Half of the network - xx.xx.xx.1-128 - is in one building and the rest
- xx.xx.xx.129-255 is in the other.

I'm thinking that the NT 4.0 BDC in the one building is not talking
correctly to the PDC in the other - although I am assured by my higher
ups that everything is correct.

My XP users in both buildings are able to log on correctly. I can add
XP machines to the domain in both buildings, but some/most XP users in
building A can't see the Win2003 server in Bldg B and vice versa. The
two Win2003 servers can see each other with no problem.

One of my higher ups (who is out on leave and unavailable for another
month) turned one of the Win2003 machines into a virtual domain and
that seemed to solve the problem until ...

I moved server A to Building B (BDC) and Server B (with virtual
domain) to Building A (PDC.)

All DNS/IP changes were made correctly but server A doesn't see the
rest of the network at all.

AHA! I say to myself, this proves my theory that something was wrong
with the BDC, so until my higher up comes back and turns server A into
a virtual domain, I need to swap the two domain controllers too.

I do that (making necessary IP/DNS changes) and move PDC to Building 3
(now on the bottom half of the network.)

Server A sees the network and folks in Building B have no problem
connecting to it.

But now we're back to my original issue - in that some folks
(especially newly added machines to the domain) can't see the server
in the other building. This is even true with laptops - the laptop can
log into the network in whatever building it's in and see THAT
building's server, but not the one in the other building.

I know that's long, convoluted and confusing - but any ideas?

Thanks in advance.