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attilathehun1 wrote:
> Well Elmo, you're right. I did what you said, went into Device Manager and
> deselected the box you stated in USB Root HUB and clicked the power
> management tab, not the power tab, and it worked. I did flash my BIOS, could
> that have been the start?
> One thing I wanted to ask. In default mode, or when it comes from the
> factory, are these boxes selected or not, the USB Root HUB in Device Manager?
> Anyways, thanks for the help and your post was the " nail on the head " .
> Thanks, attilathehun1

The "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" box is
usually checked.

Joe =o)
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Jose, the sounds weren't there before, I hooked up the scanner, printer, and
web-cam. Oh, I didn't hook-up the network adapter. Maybe tht has something to
do with it? No, probably not.
Anyways, I've identified the sounds under sounds & audio devices tab in
control panel. it's the connect, disconnect sounds. So everytime I come out
of stand-by I hear tht noise. Something is amiss. I guess I'll un-hook and
re-hook them up again and see if tht does it.
thanks, dvardo88

"Jose" wrote:

> On Mar 30, 9:00 pm, attilathehun1
> <attilatheh...(a)> wrote:
> > I hooked up the printer, scanner, and web-cam in the middle of a boot, and
> > then I started gettting a " du dum " noise when it comes out of " low-power"
> > mode, or " stand-by " mode. When the monitor goes blank after 20 mins,
> > coming back out after moving the mouse, it makes the noises, " do dumm". I
> > know something is an amiss.
> > What is the problem?
> > --
> > attilathehun1
> Why would you hook that stuff up in the middle of a boot? It doesn't
> matter really though.
> Identify the sound from Control Panel and there will be no guessing
> about what it might be, then you can determine what it is exactly, and
> what to do about it if you don't like it. At least you will
> understand it.
> Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Sounds and Audio Devices, the
> Sounds tab.
> Sounds like it might be Device Connect or Device Disconnect. Play
> those sounds from Control Panel, if that is what you are hearing, it
> is normal when connecting disconnecting some USB devices. Unplug and
> replug your devices and associate them with the settings you see and
> the sounds you play manually.
> If you are coming out of Stand By, Windows will make some noises by
> default. It is working as designed and nothing is amiss. If you
> don't like it, change it.
> If you don't care for the way Windows handles such events, change
> them, but at least you will understand them.
> .