From: Wolfgang Moser on
Hello CBM'ers,

this is a message forward from the cbm-hackers mailing list where Nate
Lawson annouced another good news message regarding his new OpenCBM
backend device, the xum1541. Now also the parallel burst protocol is
supported and therefore Nibtools/MNib.


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From: nate (at) root (dot) org (Nate Lawson)
Subject: announce: xum1541 now has mnib/nibtools support
Date: 24 Dec 09 19:24:43 GMT
Lines: 17

This week I released parallel nibbler support. The code is available in
the OpenCBM cvs repository, and directions are on my xum1541 page. When
used with nibtools, it can now copy protected disks and transfer data
much faster than before. Both read and write support have been
successfully tested on Windows and Mac OS X by two of us now.

Happy holidays to all the CBM crew. :)