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If all 3 of the PC's connected to the router on your network are now using
169.254.x.x IP addresses, then either a) the router has been configured to
lease out 169.254.x.x IP addresses or b) the router itself has failed in
some way, maybe simply turning it off/on and doing a ipconfig /renew could
fix the problem. Have you reconfigured the router not to use the default
configuration password, if not, it is also an option c) where the router was
hacked and the hacker changed settings to mess with you or use it for
his/her own mischievous/devious purposes.

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"bing" <bing(a)> wrote in message
> hi!
> jack thank you for your assistant. I know all the setting for my NIC are
> all
> alright no IRQ conflict, and the Device manager says its in working
> condition. My problem is I don't know how to configure to reset my IP back
> to
> 192.168. X.X. is there any simple tool that I can use to change this
> autoconfiguration of IP 169.254.X.X? I got 3 machine running all xp prof
> and
> all of my LAN machine adapted these autoconfiguration IP address
> 169.254.x.x.
> If i run the network diagnostic tool it says my network card failed.
> thaks a lot.
> "Jack[MVP]" wrote:
>> Hi
>> Windows defaults to when something is wrong and it can not
>> obtain a working IP.
>> In General you can debug the Network Setting of the computer following
>> these
>> steps.
>> Step One - Check the Network parameters in the Computer's Device Manager.
>> Make sure that the drivers are installed correctly; there is No IRQ
>> conflict, and No Ghost installation.
>> Step Two - Verify Basic network setting in the OS:
>> If the above two Steps indicates that every thing looks good but
>> functionally it does not work.
>> Step Three - Check (and repair if necessary) the Socket Layers, Winsock,
>> and
>> or refresh the TCP/IP Stack.
>> If need to Reinstall; Log to this page it have a lot of links to
>> instructions for Windows Network Installation -
>> Jack (MVP-Networking).
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>> > Sounds like the OS no longer recognizes your NIC. Did you try to
>> reinstall
>> > the NIC drivers?
>> >
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>> > "bing" <bing(a)> wrote in message
>> > news:01D184EC-C33B-4F0D-8C76-FC9F5C2B98D9(a)
>> > >I just move my NIC to another slot and now its automatic change my IP
>> > >address
>> > > to since then i can't share my connection to my LAN.
>> > > Please
>> > > help me how to change my IP address to thanks a lot..
>> >
>> >