From: wb eckert on
i just found this newsgroup, and possibly this is a place to get an answer
to something that is bugging me.

i'm using CS3...and windows XP pro....when i open cs3, it opens seemingly as
usual, but i cannot access bridge from within PS...i get the message "
ERROR 2: photoshop 10 is undefined. Line 1 photoshop 10. invoke bridge
(false, false,"); " also, recent files shows but is inoperative and the
blend options menu in layers opens and closes immediately. the same thing
happens if i open bridge first and then select a file to open in PS.

now for the fun part...if i close PS down and re-open 2 or sometimes 3 will work then perfectly and i can access bridge without a hitch.
Additionally, sometimes it opens on first blush and nary a hitch (less often
than the first scenario).

this is a major irritation...anyone got any ideas?

i've used PS now since version 2 (the dark ages) and have never seen
anything like this one...

looking forward to suggestions.