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I was getting a hard drive error message so I immediately made a full pc backup onto an external drive using vistas backup and restore. Now I have my new hard drive and when i open the backed up files I get one folder and inside is over 700 zipped files with file paths to all my documents from my old hard drive. So I managed to go in and grab pictures, docs etc, but how do i get my outlook emails? where does it store them? I just need the file path and that way I can go through the zipped files to that file path.

One thing irealized after trying to recover them: I saw in forums people saying to create a pst file and use that to transfer my emails, but it is too late for me to create a pst files because my hard drive is toast... however wouldnt a full pc backup still have a way of recouping my thousands and thousands of emails?.
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From: Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook] on
"juan arciniega" <jarcin62[at]gmail[dot]com> wrote in message

> Thank you so much for your response and help with this! It gives me so much
> hope that my stuff
> isn't lost, Do you know where outlook would have stored this file? like a
> file path?

While Outlook doesn't care which folder you use to store your data, the folder
it chooses by default is
%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Outlook, which is
Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]