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"Frank van Bortel" <frank.van.bortel(a)> wrote in message
> rgvguplb wrote:
>> Hi
>> i have 11g installed on redhat 5.1, and i can't seem to get the
>> enterprise manager db control page. If i try http://myserver:1158/em/
>> i get a binary file of some sort. That is, my browser (firefox) opens
>> a dialog "You have chosen to open (but doesn't give a filename) which
>> is a: BIN file from: ..."
>> and asks if it should open it or save it to disk.
>> What am i missing?
>> This is oracle
>> thanks
> A browser that understands what it gets sent - FF doesn't, IE does.
> Change the way FF handles this type; it should not ask, it should open,
> similar to .html and .htm
> --
> Regards,
> Frank van Bortel

Strange, I never had problems with FireFox and EM db control. Using version
3 now.