From: Buckaroo on
my windows xp was hammered when I tried to install a tv card.
I did a repair from the cd and everything overall seems to be running
better than before. never got the tv card installed, but no big thing...

My problems now is every time I try to upload a file ftp, cpanel or save
files or images off the net,my browser crashes. Firefox just closes,
instant disappear. Internet explorer keeps recovering the web page and
tells me about it.

I am about ready to format and reinstall, but was hoping I could fix this
problem since everything else is actually running better then last week.
I google the error but find nothing pertaining to my problem. Appears to
be unique which I find hard to believe.

Any help, TIA
From: Buckaroo on
ok, got it working..


avast antivirus has added some sort of Silent/Gaming Mode.
I had to uninstall it and reinstall to do the repair.
I turned it off and everything working again.

Hours wasted I will never get back trying to fix it....
who do I send a bill to???

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