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I am doing some data verification in my subform, but users are able to get
around this by just selecting the X and closing the form while in the field.
Is there a way in the fields on exit event, that when the code runs telling
the user they must enter the required data that it also stops the form from
unloading? Otherwise I assume my only option is to put the same code in the
forms unload event, is that correct?

sample code below:

Private Sub Method_Exit(Cancel As Integer)

If Me.PersonCaseType Like "Mur*" And Me.PersonType = "Victim" Then

If IsNull(Me.Method) Then
MsgBox "You must enter a Method of Attack for this person", vbCritical,
"Enter a Method of Attack"
Cancel = True

End If
end sub
From: Linq Adams via on
Checking for null fields cannot be done reliably in any event of the control
itself. This kind of validation needs to be done in the Form_BeforeUpdate
event. It will then be executed whether moving to another record or closing
the foem.

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Answers/posts based on Access 2000/2003

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