From: Daave on
YW. Feel free to post a follow-up once you reinstall using the correct
disk. Bye!

mindydee113 via wrote:
> Daave: thanks so much for all your time and help! you rock! guess
> i'll get to ordering the correct disk now......
> Daave wrote:
>> The cranky friend apparently installed a Volume License copy of XP
>> MCE if I am reading your Product ID correctly. At this point, I
>> really believe you will be best served by purchasing a Recovery CD
>> (of XP Home!) directly from HP. See this page:
>> The good news is that once you follow the directions, you will have
>> no issues with drivers; they all will have been installed.
>> If you haven't done so already, bookmark this page:
>> It has much useful information for that specific model. On the
>> right-hand side of that page, you will find links for the manual,
>> FAQs, etc.
>> Good luck, Mindy!
>>> Daave:
>> [quoted text clipped - 182 lines]
>>>>>>>> (MBAM and SAS are free and recommended), and a number of other
>>>>>>>> things. POst back if you still have questions.