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The spreadsheet shows people on up to 20 differant projects with each
project have 2 colums of data i.e. BY and BZ.

My example cuts it down to 4 columns and 7 rows as below i.e.
A | B | BY | BZ
Project Name
Rate 400
B 1 400
S 0.5 200
X 0
L1 0.5 200

Therefore each staff name has 5 rows containing data, note this is only a
partial view of all data. :)

the data needs to be reported in the following heading and data format

Project Name | Name | Rate | B | S | X | L1
proj A Fred 400 1 0.5 0 0.5

I need to be able to select the project name i.e. proj A (in a cell) to
genterate the report.

Any ideas please and many thanks in advance.