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hi all
I have few question
I would like to control a eurotherm 2404 using LabVIEW 6.1-I tray to communicate with hyperteminal but I can't although I tray a sample program called es220 and it run successefully using the El Bisync protocol.the problem is that the driver work only with Modbus protocoland this error message is returned when I run this driver:"VISA Flush I/O Buffer in ET24XX Utility MODBUS RTU Send>ET24XX Utility Read From>ET24XX Read Rate Limit"Is it possible to modify this driver to one working with the El bisync protocol or where can i find a driver using this protocol.Is it easy to replace the communication unit of the Eurotherm with one with Modbus- The itools software can't run the message is "none divice detected" This is what written on divice for more information:
" H/W:2404/CM/VH/H7/XX/XXRF/XX/AE/XX/FRA/XXXXX/XXXXXX/Cfg:K/-200/1200/C/XX/XXopt:XX/XX/XX/XX/XXSN: FR86403-001-001-06-05C/R:175211 C/P:2404#283672"thank you very much
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Please post your question in only one message.
You can configure the comms in the 2404 to use either Modbus or Bisync.  You need to be in configuration mode and get to the HA module and change it to Modbus.
iTools will only communicate using the Modbus protocol.
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Hello all
I thank you for reply
I was able to comminicate with the 2404 eurotherm using Modbus Protocol
i can run the the drivers for Labview  6.1 but can't run itools
I have a problem when runnig the Temperature Control and Monitoring, It retun an error message concerning the configuration
of the PID although a configurated it ( see attached files)
The ET24XX Process Value Monitoring is runnig without error,
I have a problem when changing the set point value ether directly from the eurotherm ( it display - - - - ) or from the ET24XX  Configure OP Setpoint witch return the same error like Temperature Control and Monitoring
thank you for advance
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