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Access 2003
I have a form for the user to select a client and then see two subforms:
one with the client's appointments, and another subform with the cats that
the client owns. Both subforms are linked to the select client field on the
main form. We have three users. Back end is SQL. Randomly this form causes
the database to crash with no explanation other than the "sorry there's been
a problem". Usually it's when the user clicks the Close button. This button
does docmd.close and that's all. But yesterday it failed when she had
clicked a different button on the form. It only happens with one user, and
she tends to open and close this particular form often. Could it be the
multiple opening and closing of the form? I have tried many times and I
can't get it to fail. It's happened about once a week for the last three
weeks, but not nearly as routine as that statement makes it sound.

Any ideas are welcome.

I saw the suggestion for Office SP3 and a hotfix, but we can't apply SP3
because it causes another failure with our enterprise messaging client. And
it hasn't failed for me or the other user, and we also don't have SP3.

thanks again.
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You say that the back end is SQL (although you don't say SQL what) so I
assume that the database is split.

Does each user have a copy of the front end on their individual hard drive?
Multiple users sharing a single copy of a front end can cause all kinds of
problems, including the one you're encountering.

There's ALWAYS more than one way to skin a cat!

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From: Trillium97 on
Back end is SQL 2005. Yes the database is split.

All are sharing the front end on the network drive, however generally only
one is in at at time just because of the way we're working with it. I have a
number of small databases at this client and this is the only one with the
problem. In all cases, the front end is on a network share and everyone
opens the same file.

I will try putting the front end on the user PCs but the IT manager doesn't
like that concept. As a test, it will be OK.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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