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changed the field name from "date" to "dates", still same error message. I
also changed it from "date" to "chris" (my name), still same error message.

tools, references, shows "admin 1.0 type library" was missing. Unchecked,
then re-checked, closed access, re-added the date(), still same error
message. Then re-opened access, unchecked the "admin 1.0 type library" check
box, saved, then exited. Re-added the date(), now no error messages are
present. Appears to work without this "admin 1.0 type library"...

"John W. Vinson" wrote:

> On Fri, 26 Feb 2010 13:20:01 -0800, Dirty70Bird
> <Dirty70Bird(a)> wrote:
> >Got a table with existing data, with simple date field on a form that I want
> >to default to todays date. I have tried inputting the Date() into the table
> >default value for the date, but I get an error that says "Unknown function in
> >'Date' in validation expression or default value on ''. Data is the
> >table name. If I enter Now() into the default value for date, it works just
> >fine. But, the reports that are generated, don't show the records with the
> >date and time in them. I can go back to the table and manually delete the
> >time from those records, and they then show up in the report. Any ideas? I
> >just want to use the default date of today in the date field.
> Two possible issues:
> first, is your fieldname Date? If so, you're getting Access confused about
> whether you mean the fieldname or the builtin Date() function. Avoid using
> reserved words like this as the names of fields or controls.
> Second, if that's not it, you may have a bad reference. Date() seems to be
> especially vulnerable to this. To see, open any module in design view, or open
> the VBA editor by typing Ctrl-G. Select Tools... References from the menu. One
> of the .DLL files required by Access will probably be marked MISSING. Uncheck
> it, recheck it, close and open Access.
> If none are MISSING, check any reference; close and open Access; then uncheck
> it again. This will force Access to relink the libraries.
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