From: John W. Vinson on
On Tue, 4 May 2010 13:04:01 -0700, robeito <robeito(a)>

>Thanks Daryl:
>I must clarify my post:
>Actually the data grid shows the information as I spected, but, when I use
>the standar right click action of the mouse on the grid (sort A->Z, sort
>Z->A, cut, copy paste, filter,...) and use the sort option, the grid is
>sorted by the countries ID and that's not what I want, I want the grid sorted
>by the alphanumeric name of the country

Then you will have to base the datasheet on a Query including the country

The combo box is not data, is not part of your table, and is not something you
can sort: it's just a display tool, displaying data from *a different table*
(the combo's rowsource).

John W. Vinson [MVP]