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Not able to use ActiveX control in `MFC Smart Device Application`
project: giving debug assertion occcont.cpp line 916

Steps to reporduce the problem

1. File->New->Project
2. Selcet Visual C++->Smart Device->MFC Smart Device Application
3. Enter the project Name as "abc"

4. It will open MFC Smart Device Application Wizard
Pls mention the following
Platform: select Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC
Appilcation Settings: Dialog based
Then create necessary files

5. Open the IDD_ABC_DIALOG and place Windows Media Player as an active
X control onto the dialog.

6. Compile and execute, you will get the following debug assertion in
occcont.cpp line 916.

Please note that I have used Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Emulator.

Any solution to address this problem?????

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