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On Wed, 09 May 2007 16:07:15 -0400, Chad Mahoney
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>HighOnTCP(a) wrote:
> I disagree.
>> If you have someone that says they never got an email, you can prove
>> that the email ended up in their mailbox, but not that they ever saw
>> it (passed over it, honest mistake), but if they marked it as read, or
>> read it, either way, they took action on it, which means they did in
>> fact see it.
>> Erik
>I disagree...
>What if the user gets up from her PC and the person in the next cubicle
>comes over and starts playing with that users outlook, changing new
>emails to marked as read, how would 'prove' that the intended user
>actually took action therefore seeing it?
>I could debate this issue all day long.
>Bottom line is that email is no guarantee that any body read it.

"Didnt't you read my email?" I wonder how many times that has been
said. :P

If a company wants to ensure that an employee read something, then
simply firing off an email is a bad way to accomplish that. There's a
reason you have to sign the employee manual and such to acknowledge
you agree to its term. Whether you actually have read the manual...