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"catharinus" <csvanderwerf(a)> wrote in message

> Rick gave a solution of how to work with a Column that is defined as a
> number or string. But that's not what I want. I want to define a
> column as a number or string.

Uh, what? "Rick told me how to do X, but I want to do X instead."

> In listview you can do that very easily:

> Me.ListView1.ColumnHeaders.Add(, , "Nr", 700).Tag = "Number"
> Me.ListView1.ColumnHeaders.Add(, , "Word", 1700, 0).Tag = "String"

> And after defining a column in this way, one can create a routine on
> how to work with these columns, but that was not my question.

You're not DEFINING anything above; you're simply adding some meta-data
which you will then utilize later.

Try looking into the ColAlignment property of the flex grid. If that isn't
granular enough for you, look at the ColData property. It's virtually the
same as using Tag, except you can only provide a Long value. That's not a
big deal, as you can use that value as the index into an array of classes or
structures which contain all the data you need.

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