From: Rachel Resnick on
It would be helpful (at least, to me) if folks asking for help with
specific problems summarize those problems with a few words in the
subject line. Then I could tell without having to open the message
whether the duscussion is relevant to my needs as well and I should
archive the conversation, or whether I might be able to help the
oerson asking for help.

"Open Office: Need Help" or "Problem with OpenOffice" are too vague.
What about first stating the name of the specific component, followed
by a colon, followed by the specific problem, like "Writer: bullets"
or "iCalc: find/ replace empty cell contents" or for questions about
OO.o generally, how about "GENERAL: OO.o training"?

Would such a convention be helpful to others?

Rachel R. Resnick, MS
Library Information Specialist
Voice Over Talent
rachel.r.resnick at gmail dot com
267-560-7224 (Rach)

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