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I finally called Microsoft who decided not to charge me ..probably due to
SP3 being the culprit.
Long story short. I gave sharing control to a GREAT service Technician in
India, Anand, we walked through my system. He found a msctf.dll download
from the DLLDump. website (similar to Sandy58's suggestion). He downloaded
it into a file in my documents. Then, he needed to put this into FatSystem
32. He used the 'run' option off the start menu and 'EXPANDED" this file
into Fat 32. (this is where my friend and I got hung up the other day, as we
didn't know how to do this ).
sorry, he was typing so fast I couldn't write down and copy what he input.

Now, my error messages are gone. And I may be wrong, but I think my system
response time is now faster, too!!


"Laurie" wrote:

> Hello Everyone:
> With the help of a friend, I have now read about the SP3 install and the
> precautions that should be followed at the MS site:
> Because SP3 installed itself via Windows Auto Install without my knowledge
> or input, I was unable to take any suggested precautions like turning off
> anti-virus protection.
> As mentioned on my previous post, I do not have install CD's (so cannot
> reinstall) and have the XP home version (so cannot back out of SP3 to my
> pre-update state - per info from the above site - Automated System Recovery
> is not available on my version of XP).
> Does anyone know if I can use the download method for re-installing SP3?
> The auto update method is satisfied that SP3 has been installed on my
> computer? I am wondering if I could just re-install SP3 taking all the
> precautions that were not available to people like me who trust MS
> auto-update."
> "Laurie" wrote:
> > with the last few months I have started receiving "Unable to locate component
> > MSCTF.dll (errors.). Reinstalling the application may fix this problem".
> > This happens on start-up, then immediately I get another error regarding
> > ctfmon.exe. I have used this computer for 5 years. MDG was original
> > installer of XP. I have been signed up for automatic MS updates. I use Norton
> > Security 2008(, but this problem started with McAffee Security in May) , PLUS
> > Spybot Search and Destroy, Auglogics registry defrag, CrapCleaner, & Spyware
> > Blaster. I am absolutely convinced that this removal of MSCTF.dll was CAUSED
> > by MS auto-updates, as I have done nothing different from what I have done
> > for the past 5 years. MS Customer Service is giving me nothing but the "call
> > your manufacturer, and don't bother us unless you want to pay 59 bucks". MDG
> > says I am outside of warrantee. I have checked on the MS websites for
> > anything to do with MSCTF.dll and ctfmon.exe, and cannot find anything of
> > help. I have tried to reinstall Office, as well. I have tried to find a way
> > to re-install MSCTF.dll, with no luck...There are a few other errors occuring
> > upon startup of MSN, as well, but I believe they are subsequent to the
> > missing MSCTF.dll.
> > HELP HELP...does anybody know what's going on????
> > Thanks